Neon Rush is played out in a futuristic neon city environment. With cool moving backgrounds that will always keep the game in motion.Neon Rush is all about getting the most of a kind possible, with the Splitz™ feature you can get up to 15 of a kind and win big on every single spin. And if that is not enough we also added 6 jackpots that can be won on every spin off the game in the Splitz™ symbols.

Neon Rush Splitz is the second title from Swedish studio Yggdrasil Gaming to make use of their in-house developed Splitz mechanic. The first one, Temple Stacks, is an exotic jungley outing, while Neon Rush is one of those retropunk futuristic 80s slots. This category is both old school and ultra-modern at the same time and is steadily filling up with options.

Neon Rush Splitz is one of the better examples of the genre and a fine showcase of Yggdrasil’s design talents although others may disagree due to the scaled down appearance of the symbol set. Each aspect of the game has been cleverly designed to integrate with each other, and the numbers coming out are an enticement to spin as well.

The initial reaction was instantly positive thanks to a superbly crafted look and feel. Make sure to play on landscape mode if you’re spinning on a mobile for the full effect. If you are, you’ll be treated to a Tron-like world with the 5×3 grid gliding towards skyscrapers in the background. To the side of the reels, players are joined by a motorcyclist who switches sides from time to time and celebrates wins with you.

Along with the visual feast is a treat for the ears via a prime example of the Synthwave music thing that is still going strong. Even the effects used to accompany spins and wins are pitch-perfect. Yggdrasil has a strong audio-visual team, but Neon Rush Splitz is next level. If you’re into this style of game, you will be in retro electro heaven.